In this intermediate course, we will look into two-dimensional representation, approaching complex figures, smart objects, animation, and more complex renderings, as well as SubD.
Join us to expand your knowledge in Rhino 6 and 7!

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Let's design possibilities with the same project
Let's find the best angle
We'll develop
an entire project

Hello! And welcome...

With the success of the Rhino Introduction course, architect Julian Oquendo and Lucia Miguel, from McNeel Miami, are happy to introduce you to the Rhino Intermediate course you've been waiting for!

Julian is a specialist in pedagogy and is ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) ​certified. As an architect, he has worked in multiple fields, both private and public and had collaborated in events including the Medellín Book Festival, Envigado Christmas lights, Circulart, Primavera Fest and Compañía Noel Christmas Show. As a university professor, in the field of architecture and space design, Julián has focused on communication and digital representation courses and in the project workshop area. In recent years, he has taught at different universities in Medellín, Colombia and has experience in online courses and face-to-face and virtual presentations.

Lucia, with a Degree in Marketing has been part of the McNeel Miami team for 7+ years. She has assisted in online and presential Rhino and Grasshopper training courses in the United States and Latin America.